QLEADER (Command)

Creates a leader and leader annotation.

In most cases, it is recommended that you use the MLEADER command to create leader objects.

The following options are available with QLEADER:

You can use the Leader Settings dialog box to customize the command so that it prompts you for the number of leader points and the annotation type suited to your drawing needs.

If associative dimensioning is turned on with DIMASSOC, the leader start point can be associated with a location on an object. If the object is relocated, the arrowhead remains attached to the object and the leader line stretches, but the text or feature control frame remains in place.

The following prompts are displayed.

First Leader Point
Specifies the start point for the first in a series of leader segments. The Number of Points setting on the Leader Line & Arrow tab of the Leader Settings dialog box limits the number of prompts for leader points.

Specifies the width of the text string. If you set the text width value to 0.00, the width of the multiline text is unlimited.


(Available inf Tolerance is selected on the Annotation tab of the Leader Settings dialog box)

Displays the Geometric Tolerance dialog box. Use the dialog box to create the tolerance feature control frame.

Block name
(Available if Block Reference is selected on the Annotation tab of the Leader Settings dialog box)
Specifies the name of a block to insert at the end of the leader line.
  • ?. Lists the blocks defined in the drawing.
  • Insertion point. Specifies where to insert the block. The prompts are the same as for the -INSERT command.


Displays the Leader Settings dialog box.