Changes the justification point of selected text objects without changing their locations.


The justification point options shown above are described in the TEXT command. The justification point options for single line text are similar to those for multiline text except that the Align, Fit, and Left text options are equivalent to the bottom left (BL) multiline text attachment point.

The following prompts are displayed.

Select objects
Specifies which text you want to modify.

You can choose single line text objects, multiline text objects, leader text objects, and attribute objects.

Enter a justification option
Specify a location to serve as the new alignment point for the justified text:
  • Left
  • Align
  • Fit
  • Center
  • Middle
  • Right
  • TL (top left)
  • TC (top center)
  • TR (top right)
  • ML (middle left)
  • MC (middle center)
  • MR (middle right)
  • BL (bottom left)
  • BC (bottom center)
  • BR (bottom right)