About Point Cloud Color Stylization and Visual Effects

Stylize point clouds to help you analyze features within the point cloud. You can stylize based on the original scan colors, the AutoCAD object color, the normal direction of points, and if the required data exists in the point could, you can also stylize based on laser pulse return intensity, elevation, or LAS classification data.

Stylization Options

Note: Not all point clouds or scan files have all the information necessary to support these different stylizations. For example, if there is no intensity data in the attached scans, Intensity is grayed out in the stylization dropdown. If a point cloud contains some points that can be colored based on the selected style and some points that cannot, the style is applied to the points that can be stylized.

Color Schemes

You can customize the color schemes for Intensity, Elevation, and Classification stylizations with the POINTCLOUDCOLORMAP command.

For Intensity and Elevation, you can edit the number of colors and individual colors that make up the color ramp, and you can specify whether to show it as a gradient or as bands of individual colors. You can also change the range of points to which the color scheme applies, and specify how to display the out-of-range points.

For Classification, you can change the color assigned to each classification category.

Visual Effects

In addition to applying color stylization, you can also specify settings for lighting and shading.