Loads geometry and named objects from a selected view or layer into a drawing.

It is recommended that you partially open a drawing by using OPEN and choosing Partial Open in the Select File dialog box to display the Partial Open dialog box.

When you are running a script and using PARTIALOPEN, FILEDIA can be set to 0 or 1. When FILEDIA is set to 0 and you enter PARTIALOPEN or -PARTIALOPEN at the Command prompt, the following prompts are displayed.

The following prompts are displayed.

Name of drawing to open
Specifies the name of the drawing you want to open.

You can enter ~ (tilde) at the prompt to ignore FILEDIA and display the Select File dialog box. In the Select File dialog box, select a file and choose Partial Open to display the Partial Open dialog box. If you enter a file name at the Command prompt, additional prompts are displayed.

View to load
Opens the drawing with the geometry from the selected view loaded.
  • View. Opens the drawing with all the objects in the named view that you specify.
  • Extents. Opens all the objects in the drawing.
  • ?. Displays a list of views.
Layers to load
Loads geometry from one or more layers into the current drawing. To load geometry from multiple layers, use a comma between layer names. If no layer geometry is specified, no layer geometry is loaded into the drawing, including geometry specified to load from a view. Enter ? to display a list of layers.
Unload all xrefs on open?
Specifies whether xrefs are included in the opened drawing.
  • Yes. Does not load any external references into the drawing.
  • No. Loads all external references into the drawing.