MLEADER (Command)

Creates a multileader object.


A multileader object typically consists of an arrowhead, a horizontal landing, a leader line or curve, and either a multiline text object or a block.

Multileaders can be created arrowhead first, leader landing first, or content first. If a multileader style has been used, the multileader can be created from that specified style.

The following prompts are displayed.

Leader arrowhead location/first

Specifies a location for the arrowhead of the multileader object.

Leader landing location/first

Specifies a location for the landing line of the multileader object.

Content first

Specifies a location for the text or block associated with the multileader object.

Point selection

Sets placement for the text box for the text label associated with the multileader object. When you finish entering text, press Esc or click outside the text box.


Specifies options for placing the multileader object.

Leader type
Specifies how the leader line is handled.
  • Straight. Creates a straight multileader line.
  • Spline. Creates a spline multileader line.
  • None. Creates a multileader with no leader line.
Leader landing

Specifies whether to add a horizontal landing line. If you enter Yes, you are prompted to set the landing line length.

Content type

Specifies the type of content that will be used for the multileader.

  • Block. Specifies a block within your drawing to associate with the new multileader.
  • Mtext. Specifies that multiline text is included with the multileader.
  • None. Specifies that no content is displayed at the end of the leader line.

Specifies a maximum number of points, or segments, for the new leader line.

First angle

Constrains the angle of the first point in the new leader line.

Second angle

Constrains the second angle in the new leader line.

Exit options
Exits the Options branch of the MLEADER command.