Creates a new object of the same type and general properties as a selected object, but with different geometric values.


After you select an object, you are prompted to specify geometric values for the new object, such as a new start point, size, and location. For example, if you select a circle, the new circle adopts the selected circle's color and layer, but you specify a new center point and radius.

Certain objects have special properties that are supported, as shown in the following table.

Object type Special properties supported by ADDSELECTED
Gradient Gradient name, Color 1, Color 2, Gradient Angle, Centered
Text, MText, Attribute Definition Text Style, Height
Dimensions (Linear, Aligned, Radial, Diametric, Angular, Arc Length, and Ordinate) Dim Style, Dim Scale
Tolerance Dim Style
Leader Dim Style, Dim Scale
Multileader Multileader Style, Overall Scale
Table Table Style
Hatch Pattern, Scale, Rotation
Block Reference, External Reference Name
Underlays (DWF, DGN, Image, and PDF) Name

The following prompt is displayed.

Select object
Select an object to serve as the basis for a new object.

The remaining prompts vary by object type.