Creates a rotated linear dimension.

Creates a linear dimension with a rotated dimension line.

The following prompts are displayed.

Specify Angle of Dimension Line
Specifies a rotation angle for the dimension line relative to the X axis of the UCS.
First Extension Line Origin
Specifies the two points to determine the origin points of the extension lines.
Select Object
Automatically determines the origin points of the first and second extension lines after you select the object to be dimensioned. You can also select a segment of a polyline or object in a uniformly scaled block.

If you select a circle, the location of the origins for the extension lines is calculated based on the center and diameter of the circle, and the angle of the rotated dimension line.

If you select a line or an arc, the line or arc endpoints are used as the origins of the extension lines. The extension lines are offset from the endpoints by the distance you specify in Offset from Origin in the Lines and Arrows tab of the New, Modify, and Override Dimension Style dialog boxes. This value is stored in the DIMEXO system variable.

Dimension Line Location
Uses the point you specify to locate the dimension line.
Displays the In-Place Text Editor, which you can use to edit the dimension text. Use control codes and Unicode character strings to enter special characters or symbols.

If alternate units are not turned on in the dimension style, you can display them by entering square brackets ([ ]).

The current dimension style determines the appearance of the generated measurements.

Customizes the dimension text at the Command prompt. The generated dimension measurement is displayed within angle brackets.

To include the generated measurement, use angle brackets (< >) to represent the generated measurement. If alternate units are not turned on in the dimension style, you can display alternate units by entering square brackets ([ ]).

Changes the rotation angle of the dimension text.