Converts eligible 3D objects to 3D solids.


The following prompt is displayed.

Select objects

Specifies one or more objects to convert to 3D solid objects.

Eligible objects include the following:

Mesh Considerations

When you convert mesh, you can specify whether the converted objects are smoothed or faceted, and whether the faces are merged. The smoothness and number of faces of the resulting 3D solid are controlled by the SMOOTHMESHCONVERT system variable. The following example shows a conversion to a smooth, optimized 3D solid.

The next example shows a conversion to a faceted 3D solid in which the faces are not merged or optimized.


The following cases are limitations of this command. The selected objects

In these cases, use the SURFSCULPT command to convert the selected objects into a 3D solid.

Note: The DELOBJ system variable controls whether the geometry used to create 3D objects is automatically deleted when the new object is created or whether you are prompted to delete the objects.