About Creating Notes Using Text

The text you add to your drawing conveys various information. It may be a complex specification, title block information, or a label.

Single-Line Text

For short, simple entries use single-line text. Each text line is an independent object that you can relocate, reformat, or otherwise modify.

Multiline Text

For longer entries, or text that requires special formatting, use multiline text. Multiline text supports:

Note: Text that is included in a dimension or tolerance is created using the dimensioning commands. You can also create multiline text with leaders.

Text Styles

The text style sets the font, size, oblique angle, orientation, and other text characteristics. When you insert a text object it uses the current text style.

The Standard text style exists by default in all drawings. You can create and modify text styles as needed. Once you create a standard set of text styles, you can save the drawing as a template file (.dwt) that you can use when you start a new drawing.