EDITTIME (Express Tool)

Tracks the amount of active editing time for a drawing.

The timer can be turned on and off and can be reset. A timeout option suspends timing after a specified period of inactivity.

Tool Options

Reset Resets the timer to zero. If the timer is running, timing is automatically restarted.
Timeout Specifies the period of inactivity, in minutes. When the timeout period expires, the timer automatically suspends timing.
On Starts or resumes the timer.
Off Stops the timer.

AutoLISP Access

EDITTIME-related data is stored per drawing in the Named Object Dictionary. The (acet-getvar ...) and (acet-setvar ...) functions, which are available in the acetutil.fas module, provide access to the BNS_EDITTIME_TOTAL profile variable. If EDITTIME has been enabled in a drawing, you can use (acet-getvar '("BNS_EDITTIME_TOTAL")) to extract the elapsed time (up to the opening of the current editing session) from the current drawing as a Julian time value (a REAL value, containing the number of 24-hour days the drawing has been in active use).

The following LISP functions are exported by edittime.arx:

(acet-edittime-enable [onOff]) Sets the current state if onOff is supplied. Otherwise returns the current state.
(acet-edittime-reset) Resets the elapsed time value to zero.
(acet-edittime-total) Returns the current elapsed time total (Julian time).
(acet-edittime-timeout [value]) Sets the current timeout value if supplied (Julian time). Otherwise returns the current timeout value.