HIDE (Command)

Displays a 3D model with hidden lines suppressed for the 2D Wireframe visual style.


Objects that can hide other objects include circles, solids, text, regions, wide polyline segments, 3D solids, 3D surfaces, 3D meshes, and the extruded edges of objects with nonzero thickness. Extruded circles, solids, and wide polyline segments are treated as solid objects with top and bottom faces.

To hide text created with MTEXT or TEXT, the HIDETEXT system variable must be set to 1 or the text must be assigned a thickness value. If the HIDETEXT system variable is off, HIDE ignores text objects when producing the hidden view. Text objects are always displayed regardless of whether they are obscured by other objects, and objects obscured by text objects are unaffected.

The INTERSECTIONDISPLAY system variable controls the display of the intersections of 3D solids and surfaces when the visual style is set to 2D Wireframe only.

If the DISPSILH system variable is on, HIDE displays 3D solid and surface objects with silhouette edges and suppresses the display of facets. 3D mesh objects are not affected.