Selects components from a model documentation drawing view for editing.

Note: This command is available only on 64-bit systems.

Selects components from a drawing view for editing. Components that can be selected are highlighted when you hover over the drawing view.

Currently only the property that controls inclusion or exclusion from section views can be edited.

Note: In this command the SUBOBJSELECTIONMODE system variable is set to 5.

The following prompts are displayed:

Select a component

In the drawing view, specifies which component to edit.

Select section participation

Specifies behavior during the section operation.

Specifies that when creating a section or detail view of this component, the component is not split, but appears in its complete form.
Specifies that you can section the selected component when using the section or detail view.
Specifies that a true zero-depth geometry is created when you section the component.