3DORBIT (Command)

Provides interactive viewing in 3D with the mouse. Right-click to display viewing options.


3DORBIT activates a 3D Orbit view in the current viewport, and the 3D Orbit cursor icon appears. You cannot edit objects while 3DORBIT is active. If you drag the cursor horizontally, the camera moves parallel to the XY plane of the world coordinate system (WCS). If you drag the cursor vertically, the camera moves along the Z axis. A small dark sphere displays temporarily, representing the target point about which your view rotates.

While the command is active, right-click to display additional options from a shortcut menu. By default, selecting one or more objects before starting this command limits the display to those objects only.

You can enter 3D orbit mode temporarily by pressing SHIFT and the mouse wheel, and then moving the cursor.

The Wireframe, Realistic, and Shaded visual styles provide enhanced 3D performance for pan, zoom, and orbit operations. Enhanced performance is also available for custom visual styles depending on the setting of the VSFACESTYLE system variable along with several associated system variables. These combinations of settings are listed in the VISUALSTYLES command topic.

Note: If the current visual style exhibits a performance slowdown due to displaying a large model, a faster visual style might be temporarily used.