DIMIM (Express Tool)

Imports named dimension styles and their settings from an external file.


Use the DIMEX and DIMIM Express Tools to transfer dimension styles from one drawing to another by means of an ASCII text file.

Important: Not all current dimension variables are supported by this tool.

Dialog Box Options

The following options are displayed:

Import Filename Specifies the ASCII text file to import. By default, the file has a DIM extension, and the file must be in the format generated by the DIMEX Express Tool. All dimension styles in the selected file are imported into the current drawing. Text styles are also imported.
Import Options Includes Keep the Existing Style, to keep the dimension style in the current drawing and Overwrite Existing Style, to overwrite styles in the current drawing. The Keep the Existing Style option ignores the similarly named style being imported; Overwrite Existing Style uses the similarly named style being imported.


dimsio.arx, dimsio.hlp