Attach Point Cloud Dialog Box

Specifies point cloud insertion options, as well as scale, rotation, and geographic location information.

Specifies information for inserting a point cloud file. The point cloud is inserted at the specified coordinates, based on the location of the Insertion object snap.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

File Location


Identifies the point cloud file to attach.


Opens the Select Point Cloud dialog box, a standard file selection dialog box where you can find and select a point cloud file.

Path Type

Specifies the type of file path.

Options include

  • Full Path. Uses the full path of the specified file, including the root folder and all subfolders that contain the point cloud file.
  • Relative Path. Uses the file path relative to the current drawing file to reference the point cloud file.
  • No Path. Uses only the file name of the point cloud file for referencing. The file must be located in the same folder as the current drawing file.

The default path type is Relative path. Use REFPATHTYPE system variable to change the default path type.

Insertion Point

Specifies the location in the drawing where the base point of the point cloud will be attached.

Specify On-screen
Specifies the insertion point in the target drawing at the time of insertion.
X, Y, Z
Sets the coordinate values of the insertion point.


Specifies the scale factor for the inserted point cloud.

Specify On-screen

Specifies the relative scale of the point cloud as you attach it.

Sets the scale factor. For example, enter 0.5 to attach the point cloud at one-half scale.


Specifies the rotation angle for the inserted point cloud in the current UCS.

Specify On-Screen

Specifies the rotation angle of the point cloud using the pointing device.

Sets the rotation angle of the point cloud.

Other Options

Use Geographic Location

Inserts the point cloud based on the geographic data in both the point cloud file and the drawing file.

Lock Point Cloud

Controls whether an attached point cloud can be moved or rotated (POINTCLOUDLOCK system variable).

Zoom to Point Cloud
Automatically zooms to the extents of the attached point cloud object.

Show Details / Hide Details

Toggles the display of information about the attached point cloud, including size (reflects the units of measurement used by the current drawing), number of points, and whether information such as intensity data is included.