3DFORBIT (Command)

Rotates the view in 3D space without constraining roll.


3DFORBIT activates a 3D Free Orbit view in the current viewport.

The 3D Free Orbit view displays an arcball, which helps define the vantage point of the orbit.

Moving your cursor over different parts of the arcball changes the cursor icon, indicating the direction of the view rotation when you drag the cursor. Unlike 3DORBIT, 3DFORBIT does not constrain the orbit to a vertical or horizontal plane.

Select one of more objects before starting this command to limit the display to those objects only.

While the command is active, right-click to display additional options from a shortcut menu.

For example, the Enable Orbit Auto Target option controls whether the objects or the camera are rotated during the orbit. You cannot edit objects while the 3DFORBIT command is active.