-3DOSNAP (Command)

Uses command prompts to set running object snap modes for 3D objects.

The following prompts are displayed.

Enter list of object snap modes

Specify one or more object snap modes by entering the first four characters of the name. If you enter more than one, separate the names with commas.

  • ZVERtex. Snaps to a vertex or a control vertex.
  • ZMIDpoint. Snaps to the midpoint on a face edge.
  • ZCENter. Snaps to the center of a face.
  • ZKNOt. Snaps to a spline knot.
  • ZPERpendicular. Snaps to a perpendicular face (planar faces only).
  • ZNEAr. Snaps to an object nearest to face.
  • ZNONe. Turns off all 3D object snaps.