TIME (Command)

Displays the date and time statistics of a drawing.


The following prompts are displayed.

Times for this drawing
Displays time-related information about the current drawing.
  • Current time. Displays the current date and time using a 24-hour clock.
  • Created. Displays the date and time that the current drawing was created.
  • Last Updated. Displays the date and time of the latest update of the current drawing. This date and time is initially the drawing creation time. The time is revised whenever the drawing file is saved.
  • Total Editing Time. Displays the time spent editing the current drawing. This timer is updated by the program and cannot be reset or stopped. Plotting time is not included in the total editing time. If you quit the editing session without saving the drawing, the time you spent in the editing session is not added to the accumulated editing time.
  • Elapsed Timer. Runs as another timer while the program is running. You can turn it on and off or reset it whenever you like.
  • Next Automatic Save In. Indicates the time remaining until the next automatic save. You can set the time interval using the OPTIONS command or SAVETIME system variable.

Repeats the display with updated times.


Starts the user elapsed timer if it was off.


Stops the user elapsed timer.


Resets the user elapsed timer to 0 days 00:00:00.000.