Converts the SHX geometry imported from PDF files into individual multiline text objects.


The PDF format stores text using TrueType fonts, but PDF does not support text that uses AutoCAD SHX fonts. Instead, text objects that use SHX fonts are stored in PDF as geometric objects to maintain visual fidelity.

When you import a PDF file that includes SHX geometry, you can use PDFSHXTEXT as a post-processing tool to convert the selected geometry into single-line mtext objects.

For the best results, do the following:

Important: Make sure that the UCS X axis is aligned with the direction of the text. You can use a horizontal segment of the SHX geometry as a reference. For example, enter UCS /OBject and then select the horizontal segment in the SHX geometry.

The selected objects that were successfully converted to multiline text are temporarily highlighted. Objects that are not highlighted need additional attention. In most circumstances, it's easier to edit the text that was successfully converted by manually adding the missing text.

Note: Asian-language big fonts are not supported.

Select Objects

Select only the geometric objects that represents the SHX text imported from a PDF file.

Specify first corner, Specify opposite corner
Prompts for the diagonal corners of a rectangular crossing or window selection area. All objects selected are processed.


Displays the PDF Text Recognition Settings dialog box.