ARCTEXT (Express Tool)

Places text along an arc.


With ARCTEXT, you can create an arcalignedtext object that follows the curve of a selected arc.

Dialog Box Options

Pick boxes Sets controls for text location relative to the arc and its length. The Drag Wizard controls the behavior of the text when the arc is moved.
Color Specifies the text color.
Text Specifies the text.
Style Name Specifies the style name for a selected text font. Also specifies bold, italic, and underline settings.
Font Lists the TrueType fonts and AutoCAD compiled shape (SHX) fonts in the AutoCAD Fonts folder.
Properties Section: Specifies the text height, width factor, character spacing, offset from the arc, offset from the left, and offset from the right.
Note: The options are accessible from the File, Edit, Format, and About menus in the ArcAlignedText Workshop dialog box. The Update to AutoCAD command on the File menu command closes the dialog box and saves the changes. The command Exit to AutoCAD cancels any changes made in the dialog box.