About Scaling Views in Layout Viewports

Applies to 2018.1 Update and later

To scale each displayed view accurately for output, set the scale of each layout viewport.

When you work in a layout, the scale factor of a view in a layout viewport represents a ratio between the actual size of the model displayed in the viewport and the size of the layout. The ratio is determined by dividing the paper space units by the model space units. For example, for a quarter-scale drawing, the ratio would be a scale factor of one paper space unit to four model space units, or 1:4.

You can change the view scale of the viewport by using


Annotative Objects and Scaling

Annotative objects are defined at a paper height instead of a model size and assigned one or more scales. These objects are scaled based on the current annotation scale setting and are automatically displayed at the correct size in the layout or when plotted. The annotation scale controls the size of the annotative objects relative to the model geometry in the drawing.

You can specify the default list of scales available for layout viewports, page layouts, and plotting in Default Scale List dialog box.

For more information about annotation scaling, see Scale Annotations.