Enlarges or reduces selected text objects without changing their locations.


The following prompts are displayed.

Select objects
Specifies the text you want to scale.
Base point option for scaling
Specify a location to serve as a base point for resizing or scaling. Specifying a base point for the operation does not change the insertion point relative to the text.

The base point is a location relative to a text object that serves as a fixed point for the resizing or scaling operation, which is applied individually to each selected text object.

The following base point options are described in the TEXT command. The base point options for single line text are similar to those for multiline text except that the Align, Fit, and Left text options are equivalent to the bottom left (BL) multiline text attachment point.
  • Existing
  • Left
  • Center
  • Middle
  • Right
  • TL
  • TC
  • TR
  • ML
  • MC
  • MR
  • BL
  • BC
  • BR
New model height
Specifies a text height.
Note: You can only specify a model height for non-annotative objects.
Paper height
Scales the text height depending on the annotative property.
Note: You can only specify a paper height for annotative objects.
Match object
Scales the text objects that you originally selected to match the size of a selected text object.
Note: This option only affects like objects (annotative or nonannotative).
Scale factor
Scales the selected text objects based on a reference length and a specified new length.
  • Reference. Scales the selected text objects relative to a reference length and a new length.

    The selected text is scaled by a ratio of the values that you entered for the new length and the reference length. If the new length is less than the reference length, the selected text objects are reduced in size.