MINSERT (Command)

Inserts multiple instances of a block in a rectangular array.

Options at the insertion point preset the scale and rotation of a block before you specify its position. Presetting is useful for dragging a block using a scale factor and a rotation other than 1 or 0. If you enter one of the options, respond to the prompts by specifying a distance for the scale options or an angle for rotation.

Blocks inserted using MINSERT cannot be exploded.

You cannot use MINSERT with annotative blocks.

The following prompts are displayed.

Block name

Enter the name of the block to be arrayed. You can enter ~ (tilde) at the prompt to display the Select Drawing File dialog box.

Note: You cannot precede the name of a block with an asterisk to explode the block's objects during insertion, as you can with INSERT.

? – List blocks

Lists the currently defined blocks in the drawing.

Insertion point

Specifies a location for the blocks.

Enter X scale factor, specify opposite corner, or [Corner/XYZ] <1>: Enter a value, enter an option, or press Enter

X scale factor

Sets X and Y scale factors.

Specify rotation angle

The rotation angle sets the angle of the individual block insertions and also sets the angle of the entire array.

Number of rows/columns

Specifies the number of rows and columns in the array.

Distance between rows

Specifies the distance (in units) between rows. You can use the cursor to specify the distance between rows, or use two points to create a box whose width and height represent the distance between rows and columns.

Distance between columns

Specifies the distance (in units) between columns.


Sets the scale factor by using the block insertion point and the opposite corner.


Sets X, Y, and Z scale factors.


Temporarily drops the block in the drawing where it is currently positioned and allows you to specify a new base point for the block reference as it is dragged into position. The actual base point defined for the block reference is not affected.


Sets the scale factor for the X, Y, and Z axes. The scale for the Z axis is the absolute value of the specified scale factor.


Sets the angle of insertion for both the individual blocks and the entire array.


Sets the scale factor for the X, Y, and Z axes.


Sets the scale factor for the X axis.


Sets the scale factor for the Y axis.


Sets the scale factor for the Z axis.


Sets the rotation angle of the block.