About Importing and Exporting FBX Files

FBX files allow you to transfer 3D objects, 2D objects with thickness, lights, cameras, and materials between AutoCAD and 3ds Max.

The FBX file format is an open framework for 3D data transfer that creates a high level of interoperability among Autodesk programs. For example, in Autodesk 3ds Max, you can export a file as an FBX file, and then open that file in AutoCAD to view and edit the objects, lights, cameras, and materials. Likewise, in AutoCAD, you can export a drawing as an FBX file, and then view and edit that file in 3ds Max.

Points (not point clouds), meshes, NURBS curves and surfaces, subdivided meshes, target cameras, lights, and materials are imported into AutoCAD in the same form in which they existed when exported from 3ds Max.

To export a 2D object to an FBX file, increase its thickness to convert to a 3D object. Any visible and renderable object or geometry with thickness can be exported to FBX.