Constrains the angle between line or polyline segments, the angle swept out by an arc or a polyline arc segment, or the angle between three points on objects.


This command is equivalent to the Angular option in DIMCONSTRAINT.

When you enter or edit an angle value that is either negative or is greater than 360 degrees, the number entered is stored for the expression (for example, 390), but the value displayed is based on the formatting of the units (for example, 30 if decimal degrees).

When an expression with variables evaluates to greater than 360 or less than -360, the constraint value is displayed in the Parameters Manager based on the units of the drawing.

The following table outlines the valid constraint objects and points:

Valid Objects or Points


Pair of lines

Pair of polyline segment

Three constraint points


  • When two lines are selected, the angle between the lines is constrained. The initial value always defaults to a value less than 180 degrees.
  • When three constraint points are specified, the following applies:
    • First point — angle vertex
    • Second and third points — endpoints of the angle
  • When an arc is selected, a three-point angular constraint is created. The angle vertex is at the center of the arc and the angle endpoints of the arc are at the endpoints of the arc.

The following prompts are displayed.


Selects a line object.

First Line

Specifies the first line to be constrained.

Second Line

Specifies the second line to be constrained.

Dimension Line Location

Determines where the dimension line is located on the constrained object.


Selects an arc and constrains the angle.

Dimension Line Location

Specify dimension line location.


Selects three valid constraint points on the object.

Angle Vertex

Specifies the angle vertex, which is at the centerpoint of the constraint.

First Angle Constraint Point

Specifies the first angle endpoint of the arc.

Second Angle Constraint Point

Specifies the second angle endpoint of the arc.

Dimension Line Location

Specify Dimension Line Location