DWGLOG (Express Tool)

Creates and maintains an individual log file for each drawing file as it is accessed.

Enter DWGLOG at the Command prompt to turn on or off file logging. DWGLOG is useful in network situations where people are contending for the same drawing files. If you try to open a drawing that someone else is using, AutoCAD indicates that someone else has the file open, but does not identify the person. If all users on your network have logging turned on, you can look at the DWH file to find out who has the file open.

When logging is on and someone accesses a drawing file, that file's drawing history (DWH) file is updated. If a DWH file does not exist for that drawing, DWGLOG creates one in the directory where the drawing file resides. Actions that are logged include opening a drawing, closing a drawing, and attaching a drawing as an xref. The following is an example of the contents of a DWH file:

Opened by Penelope on MACHINE1 at 18:14:09 on 7/10/1997 
Closed by Penelope on MACHINE1 at 18:18:44 on 7/10/1997 
Attached by Bartholomew on MACHINE2 at 07:59:58 on 7/11/1997
Tip: To have logging turned on automatically for each session, add \"dwglog.arx\" to your acad.rx file, or add the following line to your acad.lsp file: (if (not (member \"dwglog.arx\" (arx)))(arxload \"DWGLOG\"))