3DMESH (Command)

Creates a free-form polygon mesh.

The mesh density controls the number of facets, and is defined in terms of a matrix of M and N vertices, similar to a grid consisting of columns and rows. 3DMESH is a legacy method for creating mesh, designed primarily for operation under program control rather than by manual entry.

To take advantage of smoothing, creasing, and refinement capabilities, use the MESH command.

The following prompts are displayed.

Size of mesh in M direction

Sets the M direction value. Enter a value between 2 and 256.

Size of mesh in N direction

Sets the N direction value. Enter a value between 2 and 256.

M times N equals the number of vertices that you must specify.

Location for vertex (0, 0)

Sets the coordinate location of the vertex. Enter a 2D or 3D coordinate.

The location of each vertex in the mesh is defined by m and n, the row and column indices of the vertex. Defining vertices begins with vertex (0,0). You must supply the coordinate locations for each vertex in row m before specifying vertices in row m + 1.

Vertices may be any distance from each other. The M and N orientation of a mesh depends on the position of its vertices.

3DMESH polygon meshes are always open in both M and N directions. You can close a mesh with PEDIT.