To Define a Leader Style

  1. Click Home tabAnnotation panelMultileader Style. Find
  2. In the Multileader Style Manager, click New.
  3. In the Create New Multileader Style dialog, specify a name for the new multileader style.
  4. In the Modify Multileader Style dialog, Leader Format tab, select or clear the following options:
    • Type. Determines the type of landing. You can choose a straight landing, spline landing, or no landing.
    • Color. Determines the color of the landing.
    • Linetype. Determines the linetype of the landing.
    • Lineweight. Determines the lineweight of the landing.
  5. Specify a symbol and size for the multileader arrowhead.
  6. On the Leader Structure tab, select or clear the following options:
    • Maximum Leader Points. Specifies a maximum number of points for the multileader landing line.
    • First and Second Segment Angles. Specifies the angle of the first and second points in the landing.
    • Landing - Keep Horizontal. Attaches a horizontal landing to the multileader content.
    • Set Landing Distance. Determines the fixed distance for the multileader landing line.
  7. On the Content tab, specify either text or block content for the multileader. If the multileader object will contain text content, then select or clear the following options:
    • Default Text. Sets default text for the multileader content. A field can be inserted here.
    • Text Style. Specifies a predefined text style for the attribute text. Currently loaded text styles are displayed.
    • Text Angle. Specifies the rotation angle of the multileader text.
    • Text Color. Specifies the color of the multileader text.
    • Paper Height. Sets the height of the text as it will display in paper space.
    • Frame Text. Frames the multileader text content with a text box.
    • Attachment. Controls the attachment of the landing to the multileader text.
    • Landing Gap. Specifies the distance between the landing and the multileader text.

    If block content is specified, then select or clear the following options:

    • Source Block. Specifies the block used for multileader content.
    • Attachment. Specifies the way the block is attached to the multileader object. You can attach the block by specifying the extents, the insertion point, or the center point of the block.
    • Color. Specifies the color of the multileader block content. ByBlock is selected by default.
  8. Click OK.