Crops a selected point cloud to a specified polygonal, rectangular, or circular boundary.

Cropping removes areas of a point cloud that you do not need to see and reduces the number of points displayed in the drawing. Cropping large point clouds can improve program performance.

The cropping boundaries are stored with and relative to the point cloud, so when the point cloud is transformed, the cropping boundaries associated with the point cloud are also transformed.

The cropping is specified relative to the current view (not the current UCS). You can crop a point cloud as many times as you wish, for example, from different view angles.

The following prompts are displayed.

First corner point Find

Specify the first and opposite corner points to define a rectangular area to crop, or to crop around.

Polygon Find

Specify a series of points to define a polygon shape to crop, or to crop around. Press Enter to close the polygon.

Circular Find

Specifies the center point and radius of a circle to crop, or to crop around.


Specifies whether to keep the points inside or outside the specified area.

Invert Find

Switches the display of points for previously cropped point clouds.

Undo last Find

Removes the last crop applied to a previously cropped point cloud. Repeat this command to remove cropped areas in the reverse order in which they were applied, or simply remove all the cropping from a point cloud with the POINTCLOUDUNCROP command.

ON / OFF Find

Shows or hides cropped areas for a previously cropped point cloud. This is the same as changing the Show Cropped property or Show/Hide on the Cropping panel.