Targa Image Options Dialog Box

Provides options for saving a rendering to a TGA file format.

Several options are available for creating grayscale and color renderings in the TGA file format.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.


8 Bits (256 Grayscale)

Creates an 8-bit grayscale image using 256 shades of gray.

8 Bits (256 Colors)

Renders a smaller, 8-bit color image from a palette of 256 colors.

24 Bits (16.7 Million Colors)

Creates a 24 bit color image that uses a 16.7 million color palette.

32 Bits (24 Bits + Alpha)

Creates a 24 bit color image that includes an 8 bit alpha channel. Alpha is a type of data, found in 32-bit image files, that assigns transparency to the pixels in the image.

Bottom Up

Saves the image from bottom to top.