Adjusts how a texture is mapped to a face or an object.


Adjust how a texture wraps around different shapes by changing the alignment, or mapping. You can specify a mapping shape that is similar to the shape that uses the texture and then use the texture mapping gizmo to alter the alignment manually.

The following prompts are displayed.


Used to wrap around squared-off, boxy shapes.

For example:


Aligns the texture to a single plane with no wrapping.

For example:


Aligns the texture to a cylinder shape.

For example:


Aligns the texture to a globe shape.

For example:


Displays the Move gizmo to move the map.


Displays the Rotate gizmo to rotate the map.

Switch Mapping Mode

Redisplays the main Command prompt, where you can choose a different map type.

Copy Mapping To

Applies mapping from the object or face to the selected objects.

This duplicates a texture map along with any adjustments to other objects.

Reset Mapping

Resets the UV coordinates to the default for the map.

Use this option to reverse the effects of all previous adjustments made with the mapping gizmo to the position and orientation of the map.