OSNAP (Command)

Sets running object snap modes.

The Object Snap tab of the Drafting Settings dialog box is displayed.

If you enter -OSNAP at the Command prompt, the following prompts are displayed.

Enter a list of object snap modes
Enter names of object snap modes separated with commas, or enter none or off.
Object Snap Modes
Specify one or more object snap modes by entering the uppercase characters of the name in the following table. If you enter more than one name, separate the names with commas.
ENDpoint EXTension
MIDpoint INSertion
CENter PERpendicular
Geometric CEnter TANgent
NODe NEArest
QUAdrant APParent intersection
INTersection PARallel

For a description of each of these object snap modes, see the Object Snaps tab of the Drafting Settings dialog box.


Turns off object snap modes.