ALIGNSPACE (Express Tool)

Adjusts the pan and zoom factor of a view in a layout viewport based on the alignment points specified in model space and paper space.


You can use this tool to pan view in a layout viewport so that you can position it correctly, based on one point in model space and one point in paper space. You can also use the tool to pan or zoom a view based on two points in model space and two points in paper space. To select only one point in model space, press Enter at the second model space prompt; then you can align with one paper space point. This option is useful for adjusting the position of the model space view, without changing the zoom factor of the layout viewport.

Note: The points specified in model space are aligned with the points specified in paper space. Also, both the zoom factor and the UCS rotation are adjusted to accommodate the specified points.


For example, to align a circle in model space with a dimension in paper space, you could follow these steps:

Specify two points in model space:

Specify two points in paper space:

The circle is aligned with the dimension in paper space: