Creates curves on surfaces and 3D solids.


Creates curves, typically in the U and V directions, on a surface, a 3D solid, or a face on a 3D solid.

The curves can be a lines, polylines, arcs, or splines based depending on the shape of the surface or 3D solid.

The following prompts are displayed.

Select a Surface, Solid, or Face
Select a surface, 3D solid, or face of a 3D solid.
Select point on surface or [Chain/Direction/Spline points]
Click to extract curves, or choose an option. By default, isoline curves in the U direction are selected.
Displays isolines across adjacent faces if the faces are parameterized in the same direction.
Change the tracking direction (U or V) of isoline curve extraction.
Spline Points
Dynamically tracks in both U and V directions to create a spline that passes through all specified points on the surface.