About Custom Render Presets

A collection of rendering settings can be saved as a custom render preset and then restored before rendering a scene.

A drawing can contain two types of render presets: standard and custom. While both types are named sets of rendering settings, there are a few key differences. The following explains the main differences of the two types:

The drop-down list on the Render Presets Manager palette or Render panel on the ribbon can be used to set a render preset current. Custom render presets saved in a drawing are listed near the top and standard render presets are listed near the bottom.

While a standard render preset cannot be modified, a copy of a standard render preset can be created. Copying a render preset results in the creation of a new custom render preset. A new custom render preset can also be created with a set of default values. Once a custom render preset has been created, the name, description, and render settings of the custom render preset can be modified.