Export DGN Settings Dialog Box

Controls how objects are processed when exporting them to a DGN file.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

External DWG References

Controls how xrefs are processed.

Translate All DWG References to DGN Files

All referenced DWG files, including nested DWG references, are converted into DGN files. The resulting DGN files use the same file name as the DWG files, but use a .dgn file extension.

With the following set of options, you can choose whether or not to overwrite DGN reference files

  • Prompt to Overwrite
  • Overwrite without Prompting
  • Do Not Overwrite
Bind All DWG References into One DGN file

The parent DWG file and all referenced DWG files are combined into a single DGN file. The referenced DWG files are converted to cells as part of the primary DGN file.

Ignore DWG References

Referenced DWG files are not included in the resulting DGN file.

External DGN References

Controls whether DGN underlays in the DWG file are exported as DGN references of the resulting DGN file.

Export DGN Underlays as DGN References

When checked, any DGN underlays are exported as DGN references along with the base drawing. When cleared, DGN underlays are not exported.


Do not export drawings that include V8 DGN underlays to a V7 DGN format file. The V8 DGN references cannot display in a V7 DGN file because the V8 DGN file format is not a valid design file for the resulting V7 DGN file.

Specify Seed File

A seed file for a DGN file is similar to a drawing template (DWT) file that contains default settings and attributes, such as working units. Selecting the appropriate DGN seed file (imperial, metric, or user-defined), and conversion units is critical to the translation from DWG to DGN. In addition, the seed file contains settings that are not present in a DWG file, and therefore inherited in the exported DGN.

These settings include working units and resolution as well as whether the file is 2D or 3D.

Conversion Units

Select the appropriate conversion units for the translation. The DGN seed file contains working units (imperial or metric) called master units and sub-units. One DWG unit is converted to either one master unit or one sub-unit.

Master Units

Specifies that one DWG drawing unit will convert to one master unit of the specified DGN seed file.

Sub Units

Specifies that one DWG drawing unit will convert to one sub-unit of the specified DGN seed file.

Note: The master units and the sub-units of the selected DGN seed file are displayed next to the buttons for reference.
Filename drop-down list

Specify the name of the DGN seed file. Several sample seed files are provided upon installation.

Browse button

Displays the Select Seed File dialog box (a Standard File Selection Dialog Boxes), in which you can select the DGN seed file.

See the DGNEXPORT Conversion Table specific details about the scope of exporting DWG objects and other data to DGN files.

Sample DGN Seed Files

The following table lists the default DGN seed files and their settings. You may need to edit these settings or obtain the appropriate seed file to suit your conversion requirements.

DGN Seed File Name Master Unit (label) Sub Unit (label)


V7-Imperial-Arch01-Seed2D.dgn Feet (‘) Inches (“) 12”/1’ and 8000 POS
V7-Imperial-Arch01-Seed3D.dgn Feet (‘) Inches (“)

12”/1’ and 8000 POS

V7-Imperial-Arch02-Seed2D.dgn Feet (‘) Inches (“) 12”/1’ and 1000 POS
V7-Imperial-Arch02-Seed3D.dgn Feet (‘) Inches (“)

12”/1’ and 1000 POS

V7-Imperial-Civil01-Seed2D.dgn Feet (‘) Tenths (tn) 10tn/1’ and 100 POS
V7-Imperial-Civil01-Seed3D.dgn Feet (‘) Tenths (tn) 10tn/1’ and 100 POS
V7-Imperial-Civil02-Seed2D.dgn Feet (‘) Tenths (tn) 10tn/1’ and 1000 POS
V7-Imperial-Civil02-Seed3D.dgn Feet (‘) Tenths (tn) 10tn/1’ and 1000 POS
V7-Metric-Seed2D.dgn Meters (m) Millimeters (mm) 1000mm/1m and 1 POS
V7-Metric-Seed3D.dgn Meters (m) Millimeters (mm) 1000mm/1m and 1 POS
V8-Imperial-Seed2D.dgn Feet (‘) Inches (“) 304800 per foot
V8-Imperial-Seed3D.dgn Feet (‘) Inches (“) 304800 per foot
V8-Metric-Seed2D.dgn Meters (m) Millimeters (mm) 1000mm per millimeter
V8-Metric-Seed3D.dgn Meters (m) Millimeters (mm)

1000mm per millimeter

Translate DWG Properties to DGN Properties

Selects and manages the mapping setup used on the current DGN export.

Select Mapping Setup

Displays the currently defined mapping setups.

Standard is the default mapping setup which extracts data from the drawing being exported and applies an automatic mapping to DGN layers, linetypes, lineweights, and colors, as shown in the mapping preview.

Setup Description

Displays the description of the selected mapping setup.

Mapping Setups

Opens the DGN Mapping Setups dialog box where new mapping setups can be created and existing mapping setups can be renamed, modified, or deleted (DGNMAPPING).

Mapping Preview for Setup

Lists all properties of both the exported DWG file in the DWG column and the selected mapping setup in the DGN column.

Note: The reference properties are not listed in the preview, but any properties that apply to those references that are shown in the mapping preview are applied to the references as well.