-EXPORT (Command)

Creates a DWF, DWFx, or PDF file from the command line.

The command prompt version of EXPORTDWF, EXPORTDWFX, and EXPORTPDF provides an interface for publishing drawing sheets that can be controlled by a script.

The following prompts are displayed.

File Format

Select DWF, DWFx, or PDF as the output file type.

Plot Area

Specify the area of the drawing to export:


Exports the view in the current viewport in Model space.


Exports the portion of the current space of the drawing that contains objects in Model space. All geometry in the current space is exported.


Exports any portion of the drawing you specify in Model space. Click the Window button to use the mouse to specify opposite corners of the area to be exported, or enter coordinate values.

Current Layout/All Layouts

If you are exporting from paper space, specify to export the current layout or all layouts.

Detailed Plot Configuration?

Specifies detailed page settings for the Model tab or layout tab you are plotting.

Note: If you enter No, the Save As dialog appears if FILEDIA is set to 1. If FILEDIA is set to 0, you are prompted to enter a file name at the command prompt.
Paper Size

Enter the paper size or enter ? to view a list of paper sizes defined for the default plotter driver.

Paper Units

Specify Inches or Millimeters as the paper size unit.

Note: This prompt does not display if you are exporting a raster image, such as a BMP or TIFF file, because the size of the plot defaults to pixels.
Drawing Orientation

Specify if the output displays in portrait or landscape.

Plot Scale

Specify how to scale the drawing in the DWF, DWFx, or PDF file.

  • Plotted Inches=Drawing Units: Calculates the plot scale based on the inches or millimeters to drawing units that you specify. You can also enter a real number as a fraction (for example, you can enter 1=2 or.5).
  • Fit: Automatically calculates the scale to fit the area on the paper size specified earlier.
Plot with Plot Styles?

Specify whether to export using the plot styles applied to objects and defined in the plot style table.

  • Yes: If you enter Yes (plot with plot styles), enter the plot style table name, press Enter for none or enter ? to list to view plot style tables.
  • No: If you select No, enter . at the next prompt to select none.
Plot Style Table Name

All style definitions with different property characteristics are stored in the current plot style table and can be attached to the geometry.

Plot with Lineweights

Specifies whether or not to use the lineweight (measured in pixels) specified in the PC3 driver.