Sharpens the edges of selected mesh subobjects.


You can sharpen, or crease, the edges of mesh objects. Creasing deforms mesh faces and edges that are adjacent to the selected subobject. Creases added to mesh that has no smoothness are not apparent until the mesh is smoothed.

You can also apply creases to mesh subobjects by changing the crease type and crease level in the Properties palette.

The following prompts are displayed.

Select mesh subobjects to crease

Specifies the mesh subobjects to crease. Click mesh faces, edges, and vertices to crease their associated edges. Press Shift+click to remove a subobject from the selection set.

Crease value

Sets highest smoothing level at which the crease is retained. If the smoothing level exceeds this value, the crease is also smoothed.

Enter a value of 0 to remove an existing crease.


Specifies that the crease is always retained, even if the object or subobject is smoothed or refined. A crease value of -1 is the same as Always.