Inserts a base point or base point prompt in an action macro.


As you record an action macro, you can use this command to insert a prompt for base point input. During playback, the macro pauses to display the prompt and does not continue until a point is specified.

Subsequent actions in a macro are located relative to each basepoint. The base point can serve as a pause for user input or can be converted to an absolute coordinate location.

In the Action Tree window, the base point pause is represented by the following icon:

You can change the listed base point value to an absolute value by right-clicking the icon and clearing the Pause for User Input checkmark. You can also insert a new base by point right-clicking an action macro or the command node in the Action tree.

Note: When you play back the action macro (with a base point inserted) in a version older than AutoCAD 2010, an error message is displayed and the action macro is removed from the location of available action macros.

The following prompt is displayed.

Base point
Specify a point to serve as a base point during the action macro playback.