SNAP (Command)

Restricts cursor movement to specified intervals.

The following prompts are displayed.

Snap Spacing

Activates Snap mode with the value you specify.


Activates Snap mode using the current settings of the snap grid.


Turns off Snap mode but retains the current settings.


Specifies different spacing in the X and Y directions.


Specifying Yes results in legacy behavior. The cursor snaps to the snap grid at all times.

Specifying No results in modern behavior. The cursor snaps to the snap grid only when an operation is in progress.


Specifies the format of the snap grid, which is Standard or Isometric.


Sets a rectangular snap grid that is parallel to the XY plane of the current UCS. X and Y spacing may differ.


Specifies the overall spacing of the snap grid.


Specifies the horizontal and vertical spacing of the snap grid separately.


Sets an isometric snap grid, in which the snap locations are initially at 30-degree and 150-degree angles. Isometric snap cannot have different Aspect values. The lined grid does not follow the isometric snap grid.

ISOPLANE determines whether the crosshairs lie in the top isometric plane (30- and 150-degree angles), the left isoplane (90- and 150-degree angles), or the right isoplane (30- and 90-degree angles).


Specifies the snap type, polar or rectangular. This setting is also controlled by the SNAPTYPE system variable.

Sets the polar angle increment. (POLARANG system variable)
Sets the snap to Grid. When you specify points, the cursor snaps along vertical or horizontal grid points.