REFCLOSE (Command)

Saves back or discards changes made during in-place editing of a reference, either an xref or a block definition.

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If you save or discard changes with REFCLOSE, you can still use the UNDO command to return to the reference editing session. If you have made unwanted changes to an xref and already saved back the changes, use UNDO to undo the unwanted changes; then use REFCLOSE to save back changes and restore the xref to its original state.

Note: When you edit and save xrefs in place in a drawing, the preview image for the original reference drawing is no longer available unless you open and save the drawing again.

The following prompts are displayed.


Saves back to the xref source drawing or to the block definition in the current drawing all changes made to objects in the working set. If you remove an object from the working set and save changes, the object is deleted from the reference and added to the current drawing. The Save Back Changes to Reference button on the Refedit toolbar automatically saves reference editing changes.

Note: If the file format of the xref source drawing is AutoCAD Release 14 or earlier, the file is saved in the drawing file format of the current release. The file format is not changed for xref source drawings in AutoCAD 2000 or more recent formats.
Discard Reference Changes

Discards the working set; the source drawing or block definition is returned to its original state. Any changes you make to objects in the current drawing (not in the xref or block) are not discarded. If you delete any object that is not in the working set, the object is not restored even if you choose to discard changes. The Discard Changes to Reference button on the Refedit toolbar automatically discards reference editing changes without using REFCLOSE.