MSTRETCH (Express Tool)

Stretches objects with multiple crossing windows and crossing polygons.


MSTRETCH is similar to the STRETCH command, but with the added feature that enables you to specify more than one crossing window or crossing polygon to identify the portions of object that you want to stretch.

Tip: You can turn on Ortho mode (F8), specify a value, and then drag and select, using direct entry at the second base point prompt.


C Creates a crossing window.
CP Creates a crossing polygon.
Undo Undoes the previous stretch operation.
Remove objects Removes objects from the selection set.


There are three rectangles in the following illustration that need to be stretched in the same direction and by the same distance:

MSTRETCH provides the capability of specifying more than one selection. In this case a crossing polygon and a crossing selection define the areas to be stretched:

A base point is specified and then either a second point or a distance. The result is applied to all three rectangles: