To Set the Plotted Linetype

Linetype can be set as an object property or controlled when plotted by using a plot style. Linetype settings in the plot style override the object's linetype at plot time.

When you select the Linetype field in the Plot Style Table Editor, a list with a sample and a description of each linetype are displayed. The default setting for plot style linetype is Use Object Linetype.

Whether you choose to assign a linetype as a property of the object or as a plot style, you can set the Adaptive Adjustment option. This option adjusts the scale of the linetype to complete the linetype pattern. If you don't select Adaptive Adjustment, the line might end in the middle of a pattern. Turn off Adaptive Adjustment if linetype scale is important. Turn on Adaptive Adjustment if complete linetype patterns are more important than correct linetype scaling.

  1. Click Application menuPrintManage Plot Styles. Find
  2. Double-click the plot style table that you want to modify.
  3. In the Plot Style Table Editor, Form View tab, select the plot style you want to change.
  4. Click the Linetype arrow and select a linetype from the list. To specify that the object's linetype should be used, select Use Object Linetype.
  5. To adjust the linetype scale to show the complete pattern, on the Form View tab, select On in the Adaptive box.
  6. Click Save & Close.

    You can edit properties for multiple plot styles while in the Plot Style Table Editor.