UNDEFINE (Command)

Allows an application-defined command to override an internal command.

You can only undefine built-in AutoCAD commands. You cannot undefine the following types of commands:

If an AutoLISP or ObjectARX application has redefined a command with the same name as a built-in AutoCAD command, the application-defined command is active.

You can restore an undefined command with REDEFINE.

Use the following syntax to run undefined commands or registered ObjectsARX commands:
  • To run an undefined built-in AutoCAD command, precede the command name with a period (.).
  • To run ObjectARX application commands that are registered by acedRegCmd, precede the command name with a period (.), the command's group name, and another period (.). For example, the MTEXT command can be accessed with .acad_mtext.mtext.

    To see a listing of command names and groups of an ObjectARX application, use the ARX command, and choose the Commands option.

The following prompt is displayed.

Command name
Enter the name of the command you want to suppress.

This undefined command can be redefined to perform another function.