About Slide Library Files (DXF)

This section describes the format of AutoCAD slide libraries (Release 9 and later) for the benefit of developers who wish to incorporate support for slide libraries into their programs.

The general format of a slide library is as follows:

"AutoCAD Slide Library 1.0" CR LF ^Z NUL NUL NUL NUL  
Header (32 bytes)
One or more slide directory entries (36 bytes each)
One or more slides (variable length)

Slide directory entries have the following format:

Slide name (NUL terminated) (32 bytes)
Address of slide within library file (4 bytes)

The slide address is always written with the low-order byte first. Each slide to which the directory points is a complete slide file as described in the previous section. The end of the slide directory is signified by an entry with a null slide name (first byte is NUL). A slide library can contain a mixture of old-format and new-format slides.