FBX C++ API Reference
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All rights reserved.
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#include <fbxsdk.h>
//This class is a custom writer.
//The writer provide you the ability to write out node hierarchy to a custom file format.
class MyOwnWriter : public FbxWriter
MyOwnWriter(FbxManager &pManager, int pID);
//VERY important to put the file close in the destructor
virtual ~MyOwnWriter();
virtual bool FileCreate(char* pFileName) ;
virtual bool FileClose() ;
virtual bool IsFileOpen();
virtual void GetWriteOptions() ;
virtual void PrintHierarchy(FbxNode* pStartNode);
virtual bool Write(FbxDocument* pDocument);
virtual bool PreprocessScene(FbxScene &pScene);
virtual bool PostprocessScene(FbxScene &pScene);
FILE* mFilePointer;
FbxManager* mManager;