FBX C++ API Reference
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// This example illustrates how to create your own writer/reader,
// and this will be used in IOPluginRegistry to RegisterWriter/Reader.
#include <fbxsdk.h>
#include "MyOwnWriter.h"
#include "MyOwnReader.h"
FbxWriter* CreateMyOwnWriter(FbxManager& pManager, FbxExporter& pExporter, int pSubID, int pPluginID);
void* GetMyOwnWriterInfo(FbxWriter::EInfoRequest pRequest, int pId);
void FillOwnWriterIOSettings(FbxIOSettings& pIOS);
FbxReader* CreateMyOwnReader(FbxManager& pManager, FbxImporter& pImporter, int pSubID, int pPluginID);
void *GetMyOwnReaderInfo(FbxReader::EInfoRequest pRequest, int pId);
void FillOwnReaderIOSettings(FbxIOSettings& pIOS);