About Setting Tool Properties

You can change the properties of any tool on a tool palette.

Once a tool is added to a tool palette, you can change its default properties. For example, you can change the insertion scale of a block or the layer of a hatch pattern.

The Tool Properties dialog box, accessed on the shortcut menu of each tool. Each type of tool has several property groups. Some of these contain common properties and others are specific to the type of tool selected. For example, here are some typical property groups:

This capability can save you time and reduce errors by setting properties automatically when you use tools to create certain objects. For example, you can specify that a hatch or a dimension is placed on a specified layer regardless of the current layer setting.

Note: If a layer is missing from the drawing, that layer is created automatically when the tool is inserted.

Modify Tool Icons

You can modify the icon displayed for tool from the shortcut menu: