PALETTEOPAQUE (System Variable)

Controls whether palettes can be made transparent.

Type: Integer
Saved in: Registry
Initial value: 0

When transparency is available and turned on, use the Transparency option on the shortcut menu to set a different degree of transparency for the current palette or for all palettes. Transparency is unavailable when palettes or windows are docked, when transparency is not supported by the current operating system, or when a hardware accelerator is enabled.




Palette transparency is turned on


Palette transparency is turned off


Transparency is turned on and is not supported by the hardware or operating system


Transparency is turned off, but is not supported by the hardware or operating system

When hardware acceleration is enabled, the settings 2 and 3 are available; when disabled, only the settings 0 and 1 are available.

Note: This system variable is also accessible from the palette shortcut menu, Transparency option. At the bottom of the Transparency dialog box, the Disable All Window Transparency (Global) option controls and is controlled by the PALETTEOPAQUE system variable.