VIEWRES (Command)

Sets the resolution for objects in the current viewport when hardware acceleration is turned off.


The fast zoom setting is no longer operational, but the prompt has been retained for script compatibility.

VIEWRES controls the appearance of circles, arcs, splines, and arced polylines using short vectors. The greater the number of vectors, the smoother the appearance of the circle or arc. For example, if you create a very small circle and then zoom in, it might appear to be a polygon. Using VIEWRES to increase the zoom percentage and regenerate the drawing updates and smooths the circle's appearance.

Note: After changing VIEWRES, the drawing is regenerated. Increasing the zoom percentage in VIEWRES may increase the time it takes to regenerate the drawing.

When a named (paper space) layout is made current for the first time and a default viewport is created in the layout, the viewing resolution for this initial viewport is the same as the viewing resolution for the Model layout viewport.

The VIEWRES setting is saved in the drawing. To change the default for new drawings, consider specifying the VIEWRES setting in the template files on which you base your new drawings.